First Anniversary Gifts

First Anniversary GiftsYour marriage was special, and so are your anniversaries. The First Anniversary Gifts is always super special, may be cause the glory of those special moments are still living and fresh!!!So, to make your first anniversary happening, the ideas have to be happening too! :-D

Everything should be perfect and special, so, let’s start with the venue. If it’s at your home, choose a theme. Themes should include decoration, food, lights, dresses, hair style and music. Some popular themes for example are Arabian Nights; Love is in the Air, Bollywood Night etc.

For themes like Arabian Night, ensure that the food and ambiance refer to the roots and same for your attires as well. For the special First Anniversary Gifts for your spouse, well it depends on your budget! If your pocket is heavy and you’re the man, choose solitaires closed lids!

They are women’s best friends. Dresses, Jewellery, Bags, etc are some other options too. If you are creative enough, design a card, collect both of yours special moments pictures and put them in a digital photo frame- it would make your partner feel special.

For women, clothes, books, cosmetics, gadgets are common; they are worthwhile too. But for the creative touch, try a collage of your loving pictures together, or, decorate the whole house with your partner’s snaps- surprise is bound to happen!

Anniversary GiftsYour First Anniversary Gifts should not miss the romance, the essence of love. Wake up in the morning and surprise your partner with a flower or a bouquet, add a loving note.

If it is a working day, no matter how busy the schedule is, keep in touch, even through text messages. Share the memories of the loving past. It feels special. Try and catch up lunch together if possible.

In the party, remain close to each other. Complement each other. Share a dance, a step or two- the closeness matters. Dine together, share a drink, and be together. Look into each other’s eyes often, your love rekindles. Your First Anniversary Gifts holds your eternal bond and cherish your special vows for each other.

Select dresses for each other before the party; if possible buy it for each other. Decide the guest list together choose the menu together. Your first anniversary should be special enough to linger the essence of your love forever. After all, love is eternal, and so is your relationship.

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