selecting special 10 year anniversary gifts

10 yearTo find perfect 10 year anniversary gifts is a challenging prospect. This isn’t just another anniversary; you’ve been together for an entire decade.

It’s a special milestone worthy of special celebration – and the perfect gift. You aren’t likely to find that perfect gift at the local department store – your best option is the world wide shopping opportunities found online.

If you follow the traditional wisdom, such as paper first anniversary gifts and wooden 5th anniversary gifts, this search becomes even more challenging – you should choose tin or aluminum. These options don’t exactly shout “you’re special” without some serious creativity.

Traditional options in anniversary gifts for men can be a bit rustic, such as nostalgic tin signs or aluminum beer mugs. For a classier option, choose cuff links or watches made of tin and aluminum.

If you are seeking traditional anniversary gifts for women, consider, elegant tins of candy, or roses in an old-fashioned aluminum vase. If you want to give jewelry without looking cheap try gold or silver presented in a lovely aluminum or tin gift box.

If you lean towards modern anniversary gifts, many more options open up. The new classic 10th anniversary gifts are diamond jewelry. Diamonds, unlike tin or aluminum, shout “you’re special”.

If you choose this new classic option, don’t go for simple and typical. You can make it special with personalized jewelry, diamonds set alongside his or her favorite gemstones, or pendant with the number 10 in diamonds.

10 year1Last but certainly not least, is the option of shrugging off all tradition – including the classic ones. You can always choose a gift that may not be tin, aluminum, or diamond but is special to your spouse.

Some of the most meaningful anniversary gift ideas come from your lives together. Consider a replica of a gift given on a first date, a souvenir from the city you married in, or a silver framed photo of you two together.

Above all, the most important consideration when choosing 10 year anniversary gifts is not what they are made of, but what they say. Choose something that will be meaningful to your spouse in some way; the gift should say “after a decade together – I’m still in love with you”.

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