finding the perfect 5-year anniversary gifts

5 Year AnniversarySo, you’ve been married long enough to make all kinds of discoveries about your mate. The first year could have been blissful or it could have been very difficult. However you started, you have now settled into a nice groove as a married couple. 

You’ve made it further than some of your friends—all the way to five years. As part of our congratulations to you for making it to 5 years, here are some guidelines for finding the perfect 5-year anniversary gifts.

Before we get to those guidelines, it should be pointed out that whether or not you have made a big deal about your previous anniversaries, you can still make the 5th one special. It’s never too late to start a tradition that your spouse will appreciate, and once you begin to buy the appropriate gifts each year, it becomes a fun surprise as your mate waits each year to see what you have acquired for him/her.

5 Year collage2Some year’s gifts are better than others’; typical 5-year anniversary gifts offer many options. The guidelines for these yearly anniversary gifts were established long ago in Europe, but a couple of other more modern lists have expanded the possibilities for gifts today. The Jewelers of America established a more modern list to accompany the traditional offerings and to increase their sales. A list of appropriate flowers has also gained notoriety in recent years.

  • When you hunt for information on 5-year anniversary gifts, you will find that the traditional gift is wood, so your choices for a memorable keepsake can run the gamut. Here are some ideas for your selection, whether you are a man giving to a woman or a woman giving to a man.
  • You might want to purchase a wood sculpture for the house or office, a gift that can be given to either sex. Similarly, a wooden clock can be given in both directions. Another unisex idea that seems to be growing is the gift of an actual tree, a present made of wood that will keep on giving, a perpetual reminder of the 5th-year milestone.
  • Other ideas, particularly for a man giving to a woman, include a gorgeous jewelry box or a music box that will bring joy for years. Additional options for 5-year anniversary gifts include a handcrafted wooden frame, or even a photo album made of wood. You could combine that gift with a trip down memory lane as you fill it with pictures of when you first met, courted and then got married.
  • From the more modern lists, the U.S. version calls for a gift of silverware, which would likely mean the man is giving to a woman. The flower of choice for the 5th anniversary is the daisy, again more likely to go from him to her.
  • Whatever you decide to choose among the possible 5-year anniversary gifts, a gift of wood will lend a weight and stability to your thanks for five years of companionship, a solid physical representation of your love. If you choose to buy something from the modern list of gifts, fine silverware of any sort is always appreciated. And, if you want to supplement your gift of wood and/or silverware with a collection of daisies, you will have a triple play of gifting.

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